Fundamental Value Investing Has Never Changed – Video

I wanted to archive this video and share it, as it highlights the important underlying message of investing. Investing HAS NOT changed. Long term, value investing has always been the road to true wealth.

This video illustrates (in old fashioned cartoon style) how a small amount invested, in a strict monthly plan (Monthly Investment Plan) that will snowball into a very respectable and highly-valued portfolio. Also, that we should be reject get-rich-quick schemes like the plague.

The beginning of the video after the respectable family man earns a $60 dollar raise (oh, great inflation has been to us), shows him being conned into investing into a fake company with fake promises of ultra-wealth. It is important that as respectable and educated investors, we ensure we do not get taken advantage of by buying into deals that seem too good to be true. Stay clear of OTCC markets and Pink Sheet stocks, this is merely a large roulette table that offers too much risk.

This video really is impressive in how it shows the true and meaningful approach to investing. That is, investing a little bit, each month, will eventually grow into a valuable portfolio. This is the approach I plan to take, because I know it is reliable and realistic. Instead of risking my cash to get rich quick schemes, I’ll invest my money into something that will give me returns over a long period of time. Investing in companies only after I’ve thoroughly evaluated them, and go through my checklist of “acceptable” stocks.

Take a blast into the past by checking out this video, it will be humorous and insightful. I’m sure by the time you’re done watching it, you will realize how sometimes the simplest approach is the most profitable.


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